11th Floor Sunsets


Living up high with nothing to hinder the view means the recent display of sunsets have been ours for the taking. It’s worth constantly cleaning the windows for!

P1010334 P1010289  P1010247 P1010245


3 thoughts on “11th Floor Sunsets

  1. kirstycat

    WOW! So pretty! I keep forgetting that I have to remember to check for new blog posts on wordpress on that reader thing. Was wondering why you had stopped posting photos…waiting for some kind of notification thing like the one we used to get on myopera! Silly me. Lots of nice new things to looks at when I finally remember to look at my reader though! 😉

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Thanks Kirsten!
      You should use Bloglovin’ (http://www.bloglovin.com) as it puts a little notification in the top right of your computer screen when ever there are new posts on blogs you want to follow. That’s what I use so that I never miss a blog post 🙂

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