It hath returned! Lets rejoice and tell everyone!






3 thoughts on “Semla

  1. kirstycat

    Oh those look yummy! Wish they made them over here too…have I missed semlar bun day or do they make them over a week or so? The Swedish cafe here might have them! Must have a looky at the weekend :).

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Originally it was one day I believe, then it turned into one week, then it was only February, then it moved into the first few weeks of March, but this is the first year I’ve known it this early in January! So it’s almost two months I would guess that semlar will be around for. This is Weiner semlar, which I prefer to the normal semlar. It’s more pastry than bun, if you know what I mean! It’s lighter which means I can eat more of them….right? 😉
      I hope your Swedish cafe has them! If not you should demand to know how they can call themselves Swedish! Disgrace! :p

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