Fresh Flakes






8 thoughts on “Fresh Flakes

    1. lixxylu Post author

      We’ve had loads of snow! It’s the most snow I’ve ever seen anyway. Probably not a patch on you but coming from England to here, a foot or two is mind blowing 😉

  1. derwandersmann

    Shooting snow in the air is damned difficult. You tried for a few and did pretty well; I just did a shot that has millions (count them!), but they look almost like mist.

      1. derwandersmann

        I’ve even tried it with flash, but it’s not a solution.
        The photo I mentioned does it, kinda sorta, but the best one I ever did was quite a few years ago, hanging out my kitchen window. I think it’s in my migrated blogs, but I’ll have to check.

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