Green Carpet



I love moss. It always looks so soft and interesting. A little lush jungle. Especially in winter when it injects bright colour into a world of browns and greys.



5 thoughts on “Green Carpet

  1. killjoke

    We have moss on the roof. It’s thatched. It looks nice but it’s not really good for the roof. But what can a poor man do? Put a ladder up and climb onto the roof with a rake? I don’t think so…

    Then, the other day, help came from an entirely unexpected source. I went outside one morning, and found moss lying all over the backyard. I looked up, and there was a small blackbird, picking away in the moss on the roof. My first impulse was to chase him off, but then it occured to me to just leave him at it. So, with his help (I’m sure he finds all sorts of nice beetles and worms up there) the moss layer on our roof has been reduced over the last couple of days. All I have to do is to sweep up the fallout and despose of it.

    I like working with nature, especially when nature works with me.

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Ha yes! That reminds me of my mums house, she has moss in the gutter/roof and every so often you see it flying down to the ground bit by bit and the sound of happy birds! And of course my mum is happy and chripy too because her gutter is now unblocked 😉

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