Photos from the town we meandered through one grey yet pretty Sunday, meeting geese lovers, wooden houses, river views and a biscuit factory…!








6 thoughts on “Kungälv

  1. derwandersmann

    You have captured a remarkable moment in #1 … it is a rendering of something in the mind … very good.
    All of them are exqisite, and have a very Japanese quality. Incidentally, #4 is scilla, and #7 is an Irish Troll.

  2. kirstycat

    Beautiful photos! Overcast days are my favourite to take photos on, the light is nice and diffused and gentle. It’s so easy to take drab snaps though even when it looks lovely with your eyes, but you obviously have the magic touch to capture the beauty in your landscape photos (and portraits 😉

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Haha, thanks Kirsten! I’ve taken many a drab photo, I think the landscape is what adds the colour and makes it less blah!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      No, it’s the first time I’ve been! Gavin went there for a work meeting and took me there later because he thought it was lovely too. We don’t have a car here, so we use trams, buses and our feet to get around everywhere 🙂

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