Mixed Messages


Sunday last. One minute sunshine, the next cloud. A contrast to this day, which is nothing but clear blue skies. Going outside now.


6 thoughts on “Mixed Messages

  1. derwandersmann

    Love it! (Even though it’s tilted. LOL)
    Actually, all those construction cranes make me think of H.G.Wells’ description of London after the Martians had landed.

    1. lixxylu Post author

      It’s not tilted, it’s called a hill. They happen a lot here. 😉
      The cranes are for offloading cargo on boats rather than construction. Architecture of a harbour town.

      1. derwandersmann

        My appologies … I just measured, and I was wrong. I thought the central tower was tilted a bit to the right, but it was an illusion. Sorry.
        But the cranes still remind me of the Martians in London.

  2. sprytely50

    Great photo!
    I really like how the cloud cover creates a mood… foreboding.
    Perhaps, as derwandersmann suggests, the impending doom of the Martian invasion. 🙂

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