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I know there are those who feel phones have taken something away from photography. That it diminishes photographers somehow. However, i think it’s great that people who would of never shown their photos to the world can now do so easily. Sure, i’m not a personal fan of the “selfie” movement and the “social media” aspect is kind of lost on me, but it’s still possible to capture beautiful “in the moment” images on a phone. I’ve found some really fantastic and inspiring photographers on apps like Instagram. I can’t always carry my “big daddy” camera everywhere and despite it’s far superior qualities, there is still something polaroid-esque about snapping a photo on your phone now and again. So here is something a little different. A platter of recent life activities through a slightly smudgy iPhone lens 😉

Psst: If you’re on Instagram, let me know! (I’m @lixxypixie) I like stalking new photographers!


7 thoughts on “Phonetography

  1. James Nichols

    Beautiful shots! I used my cell phone until I decided I wanted to really get into photography 6 months ago!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Thanks! And good point! It’s a bit like have an instant/disposable camera before your first “proper” camera. Good to test the waters 🙂

  2. derwandersmann

    While I personally do not care to use a phone cam, I think their very ubiquity (is that a word?) makes a special place for them in the culture … they are “there” when a more elaborate camera is at home or even hanging from a shoulder, too encumbered to get out and adjust.
    AND, they have some qualities that would be difficult to match in a more professional rig: due to the extremely short focal length of the lenses (it would be hard to find one longer than 5 mm), they have a depth of field that is almost unbelievable. As I have said before, everything from the end of your nose to the Andromeda Galaxy is in quite sharp focus. So, you might have difficulty getting selective focus, but you’ve got it knocked on the other end of the scale. And they seem to be a little difficult to aim, but I have no experience with that.
    Some of them seem to render colours a bit oddly, but them’s the breaks … ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice.
    These are nice little shots, Lu …

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Cheers 🙂
      Indeed, they have their pros and cons. Convienience is definitely key. Although, some phones seem to be more expensive than “expert” cameras nowerdays (!) but I guess you’re not just buying a camera you’re buying a…well…a phone! Shocking conclusion, I know. I’m not a big text person, so my phone probably uses the camera more than the messaging system ;). If Gavin hadn’t acquired this phone for me, I’d still have a phone with a 0.1MP camera (read no camera), no Internet and a REAL keypad. Practically medieval :p

  3. gaffin

    I think a lot depends on the photographer. You have an eye for photographs, as these demonstrate. That quality is not diminished by them being taken on a mobile.

  4. killjoke

    Nice ones. What I like most about phone cams is 1) conveinience and 2) that you can take 500 pictures of one thing, and pick the one best of them. Compared to how it was, say, twenty years ago… Well, one could consider it cheating.

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