Feeling Floral









And the prettiest flower of them all ;)…



5 thoughts on “Feeling Floral

  1. derwandersmann

    Forgot to mention: I don’t know what cam you’re using (no EXIF in this benighted bloghost), nor its capabilities, but these ground-level shots don’t work very well because the DOF is so shallow and the focus sometimes misses everything … the violets (#4) being a prime example. Can you shoot at smaller apertures, or can you even control the aperture? The next shot (the yellow flowers) is better, but could have most of the top trimmed off and be improved thereby.
    I love seeing the narcissuses (narcissi?) … nothing like that here, yet, and that picture of Gavin is a very sensitive portrait. Sensitive to you, I mean; I know nowt about him personally, but it communicates very well how you feel about him. Which, in the end, is about all one can ask, really.

    1. lixxylu Post author

      I use a Canon DSLR so I have plenty of settings available to me. I just stick with what produces an image that I prefer. I personally like the bokeh effect and having only a small area in focus sometimes. I enjoy the dreamy backgrounds that are produced. It’s really personal preference. I presume by “smaller aperture” you mean a more narrow aperture, been as I keep it at it’s smallest number most of the time to get a wide aperture and subsequently these shots. Of course I could narrow the aperture and have more in focus, but I choose not to because, as I said, I like wide aperture results! I’ve used different settings at times, but I’m always drawn back to the wide aperture photos. I actually wanted my current 50mm lens (which was then ever so kindly gifted to me by a certain gentleman) due to the fact it’s known for producing these kind of results. The main time I change the aperture is during landscape shots, but that’s not a regular occurrence right now. I don’t intend to crop out any bokeh backgrounds because that would defeat my point. Hope you can continue to endure them ;). I photograph really for myself. Nobody else has to like them. Nobody has to think they “work”. I have no expectations of anyone appreciating them or for my photos to come across as professional. I look to other photographers for ideas and tips sometimes, but i cant see me changing my style or preference anytime soon. I think of photography the same way as art. There are many different styles. What I like may be hated by someone else. And vice versa. That’s self expression for you 🙂

      1. derwandersmann

        I understand.
        My interference was due entirely to a desire to be helpful in the event that you were unaware of your options, which you are obviously not. No one with a Canon DSLR would be unaware of them for long.

  2. gaffin

    Unless they’re Irish. :p Thanks for the compliment!

    I like these a lot. I just point and shoot. Your photos are thought through.

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