Delsjön, Sweden


Visual delights from Delsjön. If you hate blue, look away now. My mum, Gavin and I walked the 7.5km in happiness. Picnic lunch, nice smelling outdoor toilets and baby geese. Idyllic.

IMG_9100 IMG_9103 IMG_9109 IMG_9115 IMG_9118 IMG_9076 IMG_9080 IMG_9065 IMG_9068


9 thoughts on “Delsjön, Sweden

  1. derwandersmann

    Lovely shots, Lu … and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of blue, so long as it’s real. Not like this one Canadian chap whose every shot has a blue or green cast because of his post-camera processing. Gives me the heebie-jeebies,
    Your right arm is too strong, and you’re getting a consistent tilt to the right in the early shots … not in the later ones, and that makes me wonder how you did that. Anyway, they are wonderful shots of a beautiful place … thanks!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      I only see trees on a hill. They don’t make dead straight horizons.
      Therefore I can only conclude that my arms are cooperative and I don’t have a Hulk right arm. Maybe you’re right eye is too strong and you see a consistent tilt?

  2. derwandersmann

    Later … the problem is really quite widespread … I find it in the rankest amateur’s photos and the most developed professional. I’m somewhere in the middle of that scale, and I do it, too. Well, except when I have a grid in the viewfinder, and REMEMBER TO USE IT (AAAAARGH!). My little Oly has one that I’m supposed to use for “the rule of thirds”, but I use it to keep the damned camera straight.
    But that’s why we have Photoshop … it’s the first thing I do, when I get the pic into the pooter. But, I must stress, that I almost HAVE to do it … if I look at a tilted pic, it makes me uncomfortable, like looking at a crooked painting on the wall. Maybe I’m hypersensitive … I dunno. I certainly don’t remark about it except in an effort to be helpful. My apologies.

  3. gaffin

    Lovely photos of a lovely day. Those are Canadian geese, but they are guaranteed, one hundred percent real. 😉

    1. lixxylu Post author

      No she’s been quite a few times now 🙂 we try and show her some nature every time she visits. Been as it had apparently been raining in England for a long time I think she liked it even more just for the warm sunshine 😉

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