Phonetography v.2

collageinsta v2


collageinsta v.2.3

collageinsta v2.2

Another 16 snaps from my travelling phone…


5 thoughts on “Phonetography v.2

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  2. BookOfBokeh

    Damn these are good! I am officially very, very, VERY jealous of the shadow pictures and have added (yet ) one more thing to my list of ‘Photograph Ideas to Try’. Plus great sky shots…well done!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      So kind of you to say!! And yes, I have a “thing” about shadow photography! I have to restrain from posting them all and turning this into a shadow blog 😉

      1. BookOfBokeh

        Why don’t you do a shadow photo post with a write up on the techniques that you find with the best? I would LOVE that!

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