From which i promptly dropped my lens cap…
That’s what i get for not snapping more than 6 photographs in June and then deciding to take a different camera for a spin than the usual. Disobedient equipment. Or butter fingers. Most likely the latter. Probably. Definitely.



3 thoughts on “Älvsborgsbron

  1. derwandersmann

    Wonderful shot, Lu.
    Lens caps can be replaced, but in the off chance of losing one again, a “skylight” filter, permanently left on the lens will protect it until you get a replacement. There are doodads that one can purchase from places like Amazon that tie the cap to the lens, letting it dangle from a wee cord … you might have a look; they’re cheap.

  2. BookOfBokeh

    Gosh, I’d be really embarrassed if I *EVER* did anything like that!!! 🙂

    Happens to us all…in fact, it gave me the impetus to buy the better center pinch lens caps than the ones that Canon supplies…

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