I’m promising myself i will make a sincere effort here. I like sharing images, whether people hate them, like them, feel indifferent towards them…it’s all irrelevant and i need to remember that. This was for me to have some creative outlet even if i was the only one who ever saw it. However, it’s easy to become wrapped up in social media and the simpleness of it all and i’ve found it difficult to muster enthusiasm for turning on my laptop and writing a blog post as opposed to the easiness of uploading a photo straight from my camera to Instagram. The downside of this is that you also end up entwined in the dark side of it all. When you’re not there it’s easy to forget how many nasty, uneducated and egotistical people there are out there in the world. Not to sound dramatic, but i find it troublesome. I spend hours mulling over something i’ve seen or heard and have this impulsive need to respond. I want people to understand why they shouldn’t be doing what they are and it’s confusing to me that people don’t care. Don’t want to listen. Want to bite back with ridiculous rhetorics and block you from being involved.

I don’t want to see animal abuse, neglectful tourism and the encouragement of materialistic living. I want to promote the importance of nature, the need to protect our environment.I also just want to enjoy photography. But i’ve realised this is a waste of time. I can only live within myself. These people will never ever listen. They claim they want to learn and experience new ideas, but they don’t. They will continue to promote themselves in bikinis with little care for the conditions of factory workers. They’ll find sharing photos of their backside a more worthwhile cause. They won’t care that they are promoting the use of animals as tourism props. I need to remove myself from that. While the internet is a great thing, allowing us to communicate and learn like never before, it’s also an awful thing, providing a gateway for so many bad things and ensuring everyone forget what’s important in life. So i’m taking a pause. I want to focus on doing things that make me happy rather than being angry and agitated with people i don’t even know! I want to focus on taking photos, posting them here for my own enjoyment, reading books and doing what i can for the causes i feel strongly about. And i’m writing this so i remember that! Remember how deflated i felt at this point and not go back there. Only forwards.



8 thoughts on “Pausing

  1. Emily

    I know exactly how you feel. Not enough people appreciate photography and sometimes I don’t feel like posting either because I feel like not many people will care or even stop to look at it since they are all so wrapped up in their own lives. I want to inspire others too, but sometimes it really is hard.

    Your photos are beautiful though, and I like looking at them whenever I sign on to WordPress. I hope you continue posting them!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment Emily! It made me feel a lot better knowing I’m not the only one with these thoughts

  2. spicyflier

    Very well put, Lucy. You may remember a time when those of us in the TCG would open daily (or many times a day; or all day) our Opera Community page. So many days I can remember sitting at the screen, refreshing it every minute, because I didn’t want to miss any of our posts, thoughts and pictures. We were encouragers to each other! We egged each other on over some of the most serious and silly things. We are still encouragers!! It may not be like times of yore, but I am so glad when anyone is pushing and pointing another to look and live higher than where they are at the moment.

    Our medium may have changed, but we have not! We are still the TCG! Faevah!!
    *life change note: open WordPress page daily and look for the good*

    1. lixxylu Post author

      I dont think you can edit your own comments, which is really strange! But i will edit it for you. Although i will have to presume where your emphasis ends… πŸ˜‰

      Yes, i miss the Opera Community often too, just for the nice comment streams that would occur. Felt like hanging out with a bunch of friends but without that whole social hanging out literally part which i hate. Oh memories… the corners of my mind…something something misty waters….something else and maybe niiiighhhtt….yep.

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