Little House

A lick of paint, some windows and i’m ready to move in… 😉


9 thoughts on “Little House

  1. spicyflier

    I am STILL waiting for your background/screensaver series…..
    My thoughts are similar to “Windows Into History”, but where would you put a “lick of paint”?

  2. sprytely50

    Lovely image…
    I’d move in without hesitaton!
    Windows, yep.
    Paint, when I get around to it.
    Now to see if I can find it on Google Earth 😉 !!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Well, look up Ashness Bridge near Derwentwater and it’s just there on the right!😀
      If you ever want to do a timeshare, let me know. I’m flexible! 😉

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