Hadrian’s Wall


Stretching Northern England from coast to coast, this stoney wall might seem like a strange place to visit, but as one of the great Roman monuments it drew us in. Finding this part of the wall took us through random farmland, up and down the same stretch of road many times with frustrating u-turns and a lot of annoyance at English Heritage for their poor directions. But, it was worth it in the end. The landscapes are lovely and we got to wave at not-so-far-away Scotland.







5 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall

  1. spicyflier

    Yes, my thoughts are the same as Gavin’s. Are these photos directly off the camera without any touch-up? It is amazing to me the sharpness and contrast of colour. It just looks so…..real; like I could reach out and touch the stones.

    1. lixxylu Post author

      No, i’ve started shooting in RAW and it makes everything look very flat and dark straight out of the camera, but it holds so much more information compared to JPEG, which makes those stones pin sharp. I try not to over-edit because 1) i havent got the patience or time and 2) i just want it to look how it looked when i saw it with my eyes…but of course it’s nice to make it look “fairytale” sometimes too. The grass was SO green and bright up in the North thanks to all the raaaaaaiinn!) that it was hard to not have it look fake! I’m used to dull browny grass in the South 😉

  2. spicyflier

    I found a BBC documentary on this piece of ancient historical architecture. Very interesting! More clues are being dug up at sites along the wall every day.

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