nature-loving, animal-obsessed, travel-day-dreaming english girl living in scandinavia and journaling life through photography

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. sprytely50

    I was browsing your photos I thought I should comment. You describe yourself as an amature, but I see a lot of talent and potential in your work.
    Your compositions are great and the moods/emotions your images invoke are the work of an artist.
    Continue with the Good Work and may the gods that look after artists and photographers keep you inspired!

    1. lixxylu Post author

      Well that is incredibly kind of you to say, Thank you! Although I am most definitely an amature when it comes to photography, I’m sure a professional would laugh at me not using all the different camera settings and knowing how to edit my photos properly. But I’m glad they evoke some emotions and moods as that is what I was going for :). Thanks again for your kind words.

  2. derwandersmann

    Well, I was going to ask, and then this little exchange came to my attention … is there any way you can post your shots so the EXIF is available. You’ve got too much talent to go on without a little bit of help from old farts that happen to know photography fairly well.

  3. derwandersmann

    Back again … you’ve made it fairly evident that you don’t want comments, but I’m commenting anyway …. this latest of yours, “Unseen Years”, is truly lovely. You are getting so good at what you do, that I find myself in awe. Keep it up … PLEASE keep it up!


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